Let's find out what bobablocks about is
"Here we go" - Fabrizio Romano
bobablocks is a cryptoassets wallet apps & DeFi aggregator tool which advanced yet simple to use as become absolute solution among the crypto dudes that experiencing their hardest time to getting started or to even manage their assets in pure decentralized manner.
Transfer, swap, receive, monitor, connect, browse & sign transaction within a simple tap along with multichain capability and real-time crypto movement indicator. When in come to security, simplicity & flexibility you must be keeping an eye and get used to decentralized manner in some case and you came up to the right places here.
What makes decentralized manner specials? "non-custodial" is a nature of bobablocks itself on how bobablocks securely save your wallet key only at your local storage and does not store your key elsewhere. By default, bobablocks implements zero server relay to sign your transactions towards the blockchain RPCs server so that means all your data and the engine itself is only hosted on your device.
See below for the detail on why would a decentralized manner could help you.
No Relay, client directly communicate with blockchain RPC
  • No Relay
bobablocks is using no relay at the runtime process makes its communication p2p with blockchain RPC without third party helps. You can interact with the blockchain world anytime the RPC servers are in available state. bobablocks support several well known public RPC server.
Notes : This behaviors are not applied in case you are using WalletConnect relay to communicate with dapps under custom transaction (ex : mint, stake, others dapps function). You will receive transaction data and sign within the apps using your key, then signed data will be forwarded through the WalletConnect protocol.
Using walletconnect will not decreasing your security level because the entire communication is well-encrypted. See how they works here
No Indexer, price are determined by on-chain liquidity pool size
  • Price determination & Swap Providers
bobablocks implements direct data query to several liquidity provider that makes you possible to choose liquidity between DEX and monitor your assets value with pure real-time on chain liquidity pool, so that you also capable to directly swap within the apps & determine its output differences as well. No averaging methods between CEX and DEX to determine output value & price. No additional fees as others swap aggregator did, you will only be charged by the applicable fee at the DEX you choose (read their docs on how much fees they applied each trade)
Passphrase & 3 layer encryption
  • Security 👮👮👮
bobablocks using Multilayer encryption to ensure maximum security on your local storage while constantly maintaining peak performance by isolating its encryption engine in dedicated ways.
If you are previously using hard wallet with embedded passphrase mechanism, you'll be able to import easily with bobablocks which support several hierarchical deterministic function such as seed passphrase & up to 25 derivative account generation.
Confuse about HD mechanism? no worries, bobablocks also support a simple step of wallet creation & import features that have the same basic implementation as well.
Should know: seed phrase and seed passphrase are different. Various wallet doesn't came with passphrase mechanism. if you are using passphrase, consider your plan to import or export your wallet that works with passphrase implementation or otherwise will resulting account mismatch.
Network not limited to the coin as illustrated above, new network will be updated in the future along with continuous development
  • Multichain Ready
Switch between networks and available RPC which currently support Ethereum, Avalanche-C, Polygon, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain. You can also choose archive RPC selection in order to get price differences using direct query to the past block data. (This works automatically when prices are being fetch)